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To thrive and excel in today's business environment, you have to be able to focus on your core business.

All kinds of distractions can slow your company down, and you may end up losing your competitive edge. By taking care of your employees' personal financial matters, you ensure that they can take care of your business.  

Our professional business service allows you to focus and remain on top!

We teach employees how to manage their own personal finances. This allows them to be focused employees.  

  • By creating Money Goals, they are able to focus on their job in order to reach their goals
  • By having Debt Management Plan, they can work with debt without stress
  • By Learning the Essential Money Skills, they can be competent to handle, employ, and grow their own money.

Financial Wellness is a major part of employee wellness.  

 For books by Nelson Letshwene click here or copy the link into your browser www.nelsonletshwene.com

Are your employees financially well?  

Not only can we help you answer that question through corporate research, we also provide solutions to ensure that they are!

We have done this for numerous companies, both in Botswana and South Africa.